Ontario’s wind turbines demonstrate what they can’t deliver: reliability

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The wind power lobbyist makes impressive claims but reality is a different story

Ontario turbines at Belle River: power not there when needed

In a bid to be assertive after the Speech from the Throne last Thursday and Premier Ford’s pronouncement of the upcoming demise of the Green Energy Act, CanWEA’s (Canadian Wind Energy Association) President Robert Hornung issued the following announcement

He made some impressive claims.

Maintaining investor confidence in the Ontario marketplace is important for Ontario’s short- and long-term economic prosperity. The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) shares the Ontario Government’s commitment to an affordable and reliable electricity system that benefits Ontarians. CanWEA notes that wind energy projects in Ontario are an important source of sustained revenue for municipal and Indigenous partners. Ontario’s wind energy projects are providing long-term, stable pricing for Ontario ratepayers. Wind energy is now the lowest-cost option for new electricity supply in Ontario…

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Open Letter to The Honorable Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford: A Response to WPD’s Open Letter

The White Pines Industrial Wind Project being constructed in Prince Edward County, by WPD, is a HOT topic in the province of Ontario.

Please visit this webpage to read the latest on the efforts in protection for Prince Edward County and all residents from the undeniable harm, that would forever reshape their lives.  https://appec.wordpress.com/

Most recently it was made public that IESO had issued a NTP (notice to proceed) to WPD during the election campaign period.  This NTP issuance by IESO is in contraction to government policy. 

WPD pulled out all the stops and furiously began construction.  As professionals, which WPD has publicly declared their company is, WPD undoubtedly recognized the risks, to include financial loss, at forging ahead with construction.

Was it a matter of a faulty decision in risk management with the hopes of a constructed, operational industrial wind project which would prevent the new elected government from halting or cancelling the operation?  Bad call WPD. 

The impudence it requires to issue an open letter addressed to the Ontario Premier, Doug Ford, clearly anticipating to reign in soaring levels of empathy; Only to exceed the customary level of greed required to build a renewable project knowing the imminent fate.  WPD is not blacked out from the news.  Certainly the collapse of their greed mountain in Ontario is truly inconvenient for them, however, their avoidance of a negative financial cost could of been ensured with a cautionary approach: Until a new provincial government was elected.

The Ontario PC’s have released a statement that they intend to halt the WPD project and intend to pass legislation to prevent a lawsuit against Ontario and to prevent financial collection from WPD.

Stopping White Pines project one of PC’s “top three priorities”   During a media briefing today Bay of Quinte MPP and Government House Leader Todd Smith told reporters the PCs intend to put an immediate halt to the wpd White Pines wind project in Prince Edward County.


Open letter addressed to the Honorable Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford:Open Letter TO Ford from WPD

Below is a timely, well expressed response from a concerned citizen in Ontario, to the Honorable Premier of Ontario Doug Ford, in response to the open letter issued by Dr. Hartmut Brosamle of WPD.

To the Honorable Premier of Ontario Doug Ford

                Re: Open Letter to Premier Doug Ford from Dr Hartmut Brosamie – CEO wpd AG

One of the ways to work harder, smarter and more efficiently to make life better for the people of Ontario is to repeal the Green Energy Act 2009.

Failure to address the economic costs of the Green Energy Act 2009 has resulted in unsustainable increases in the cost of electricity, ‘energy poverty’ for some of our most vulnerable citizens and the ‘un’Fair Hydro Plan downloads billions of dollars of debt onto future generations.

The Ontario electricity system is riddled with duplication and waste. The people who wrote the contracts, financed the projects and drove the costs onto ratepayers to benefit other bureaucrats are complicit in creating the unfair electricity rates that currently exist in Ontario.

Dr Harmut Brosamie, CEO of wpd AG is a German developer, owner, and operator of the White Pines Industrial Wind Turbine project. The co-investor of this project is the public utility of the city of Munich. This is an example of everything that is wrong with the FIT procurement process. The private for profit multinational corporation is financed by a foreign bank so the financial rewards are conveniently off-shore.

The energy produced by Industrial wind turbines is intermittent, non-dispatchable, unpredictable and requires natural gas back-up.  IWT’s are placed in rural communities so the rural people pay for increased electricity plus the destruction of the quiet enjoyment of the environment in which they live, work and play.

The regulations cover volume of sound emitted and not the character, the frequency, and the impulsive, cyclical nature of the acoustic emissions. The regulations are inadequate and fail to include infrasound, low frequencies, high frequencies, amplitude modulation, stray voltage, electro-magnetic frequency pollution, vibration, trespass of shadow flicker, the destruction of prime agriculture lands and disturbances to water wells, impact on livestock and wildlife harm/harassment/ kill/displacement. In addition, there are the inadequacies of the MOECC itself in its failure to respond to the thousands of resident complaints from ostensibly compliant projects.

These are not emotional criticisms of the IWT projects as implied in Dr Brosamie’s letter. IWT’s were forced on unwilling rural communities. These are the degraded conditions in which rural Ontarians now live.

Please pursue a different energy policy and cancel the White Pines project.

With kind regards,

A concerned citizen


Dear Ms. Horwath, NDP Leader

Dear Ms. Horwath,

I listened intently to your interview this evening before the 6 pm news on CBC radio.

You commented that the cancellation of the White Pines Wind Energy Generating Facility was akin to the Gas Plant Scandal of the Liberals.

This is indeed NOT the case.  The present government cancelled this project on the basis of economic and environmental concerns.  The economic impetus was that Ontario does not need more renewable energy production facilities – especially since those are paid out at significantly above market rates and are of an intermittent and unreliable nature and out of sync with demand.  Do you think it is fair to Ontarians to pay elevated rates for inferior quality production?

Moreover, this project was to be constructed in the path of an international bird flyway and sited upon alvar ground in which the endangered Blanding’s Turtles live.  In fact, just this week the project proponent, wpd, has been charged under the Environmental Protection Act.

“Making its first court appearance in relation to the matter, wpd was answering three charges of failing to maintain a silt fence, a violation of the project’s Renewable Energy Approval.  These charges fall under Ontario’s Environmental Protection Act Section 186.3 which deals with failure to comply with the terms and conditions of an environmental compliance approval, certificate of property use or renewable energy approval or of a licence or permit”  http://www.pictongazette.ca/2018/07/09/white-pines-charged-under-environmental-protection-act/

The present government acted in the public interest.  In contrast, the Liberals cancelled the eastern GTA gas plants as a Seat Saver Plan.  This served their own interests, NOT the public.

Therefore your analogy is without merit.

Furthermore, you accused the present administration of listening to the voice of lobbyists and insiders rather than the public.  This is entirely NOT the case either.  The public has been decrying the imposition of these industrial energy generating facilities in their rural neighbourhoods for almost a decade now, since you and the minority Liberals passed the Green Energy Act in 2009.  In fact, the public was planning a protest the very day that the announcement of the White Pines cancellation was made.

It therefore seems to me that the NDP are the ones listening to the lobbyists (particularly the wind industry), whereas the Ford government is listening to the people, whom it duly represents.

Please therefore, do not succumb to the kind of propaganda and misinformation that Ms Wynne and her MPPs promulgated.  It does you a disservice.

Thank you.

(Name removed)

Niagara Region Resident

Seven Steps to Repeal Ontario’s Green Energy Act

Mother’s Against Wind Turbines Inc. (MAWTI), is calling for an immediate moratorium on the operations of current wind energy facilities in the province and the cessation of approvals of future projects. We have prepared the following brief which has been delivered to the Premier Doug Ford, as well as mailed to all MPP’s with a portfolio and a mailed copy was also sent to each MPP that is an assistant to a minister with a portfolio.

Where Did The Money Go?

When Dalton McGuinty was elected in Oct 2003 the provincial debt was $138.8 billion dollars. Before he handed us over to Kathleen Wynne in 2013 the provincial debt was $252.8 billion dollars so McGuinty added $114 billion dollars to the provincial debt in his ten-year tenure. By the time Wynne was removed from office this year with a resounding defeat the provincial debt had grown to $315 to $332 billion dollars. So, Wynne added $62 to $79 billion dollars to our provincial debt in her five-year tenure. The liberals added $172 to $193 billion dollars to our provincial debt. A downloading of debt onto the next generation that is unprecedented in Canadian history.

As bad as that financial mismanagement is, it does not tell the whole story because you also must add in the total revenue that was spent in the fifteen years that the Liberals were in power. Using the historical budget documents that are available on the Ontario Ministry of Finance website in the 2003-4 budget total revenue was $68.4 billion dollars and total expenses were $73.9 billion dollars so McGuinty ran a $5.5 billion-dollar deficit in his first year in office. Over the next fifteen years revenue doubled to $142 billion dollars in 2017-18, but revenue was never enough to cover the expenses and the provincial debt just kept piling up.

The total revenue that was spent from 2003 to 2018 is $1,558.37 billion dollars or $1.558 trillion dollars! Plus, you need to add in the provincial debt accumulated over this time, so the Liberal government of Ontario spent $1.751 trillion dollars while in office. These are mighty big numbers but somehow, I do not feel richer for it as our infrastructure crumbles, and we get hallway health care.

A concerned citizen

Catherine Mitchell – Welland

Electricity agenda for Ontario’s new Ford government | Tom Adams Energy – ideas for a smarter grid

Electricity agenda for Ontario’s new Ford government. Potential pitfalls and a positive path forward

Where did the missing tens of billions of dollars go? Who benefited? What were the circumstances of those gigantic financial transfers? Once we have some facts on the table, the conversation can focus on more constructive solutions.

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Industrial Turbines – PLEASE turn them OFF. Cancel the contracts ASAP.

Letter sent Premier Designate Mr. Doug Ford and PC MPP Lisa Thompson.

Dear Premier designate Doug Ford and Lisa Thompson MPP, 

Many people have been harmed for years by INDUSTRIAL wind turbines and this needs to end.  Cancel the contracts.  Turn off the turbines – at minimum those within 2 km of non-participating residents.   

The MOECC does not have the resources to test and the companies hired by the wind companies are not “independent”.  The MOECC has lost all credibility.   

The MOECC has been a enabling the HARM to people for years for the financial benefit of insiders.  

Please see my emails with the MOECC below.  I have NOT received a response to my questions to Rick Chappell or his supervisors at the MOECC.   

The MOECC refuses to require testing when it is impacting us – especially when there is low ambient noise.   

The MOECC will not even commit to requiring the operational raw data (wind speed, wind direction, turbine output) and .wav audio files for any time frame we request regardless of wind speed, wind direction, weather conditions and turbine output  – even if these time frames are not part of the chosen bins for the purpose of compliance analysis.  

I have no faith that additional testing will do anything other than prolong the harm to people and give the wind industry time to lobby the government to continue the scam.   

Cancel the contracts.  Turn off the turbines – at minimum those within 2 km of non-participating residents.  

Thank you!!!

Impacted Resident – (name removed)

Dear Rick Chappell:
This is a formal Pollution Incident Report for wind turbine excessive noise emissions; please confirm receipt.  I called the spills line at 3:20 AM reference # xxxx.  There has been noise since at least 2 AM.  The windows must remain open for ventilation.  It is impossible to sleep with the pounding, crashing, churning, airport runway from all direction, TONAL wooooooo, WOOOOOOOOing!
TONALITY is NOT compliant with K2’s REA.
I can NOT sleep.  I am agitated, tight neck and jaw, getting a headache, nausea.
The MOECC has acknowledged hearing the tonality on site and on video.
The MOECC Part C compliance report acknowledges that the turbines may be out of compliance and tonal.
The MOECC raw data was analyzed and the turbines are TONAL.
Our 2016 complaints have been analyzed.
We are asking the Ministry to adjust the protocol to TARGET the concerns we have raised to protect our health.  We have been raising this issue in correspondence with the Ministry for a very long time. We receive back canned response such as the ministry assesses information it uses a “weight of evidence” approach and assesses a broad cross-section of science literature so that no one single paper is used to develop the ministry’s position …..and the ministry continues to keep abreast of new and emerging information and developments in the science and regulations regarding wind turbine noise from jurisdictions around the world.”
I am requesting a written response as to why the MOECC has refused to discuss additional testing under D1.1 for June 2018.  I have been asking for months.   It appears the MOECC’s priority to protect their “clients”, the multinational corporate conglomerates?  
Under D.1.1 of the compliance protocol, the Ministry may REQUIRE at its own discretion, that specific measurements or assessment additional to the protocol be carried out.  Again, what we ask is that the MOECC fulfill its mandate to protect the environment and health, and investigate the causes of reports of wind turbine noise emissions and adverse effects. Part D does NOT analyze what is happening when we are experiencing noise and health impacts.  Part D is an “AVERAGING” protocol.
Please add this email to the master file pertaining to our address.  We have been submitted detailed complaints since March 2015. 
I am still waiting for a response to several emails (xxxx). 
Rick Chappell, so that the ministry may continue “to keep abreast of new and emerging information and developments in the science and regulations regarding wind turbine noise from jurisdictions around the world” please watch the attached video:   
Name: xxxx
Address:  xxxx
Telephone number: xxxx
Name of wind power project: K2 Wind
Estimated distance of closest wind turbine(s): 786 metres
Time of report: called spills line at 3:20 AM

Temp. 26 C, wind SSW at 4.8 kph, 71% R.H. there is no precipitation.