Deception By Regulation

New regulation under the Planning Act to prescribe transitional provisions for the proposed Green Energy Repeal Act, 2018 (Bill 34)Reads: 
The proposed regulation would establish the transition rules for operation and in-process renewable energy undertakings…that despite its repeal, section 62.0.2 of the Planning Act would continue to apply….

The Progressive Conservative party campaign was “for the people” promising to repeal the Green Energy Act; NOT pick and choose.  The party repeatedly said, “Help is on the way.”  The party gave the people of Ontario hope.  What happened??  Please explain why THIS regulation is being put forth.

By CONSERVATIVE Ministers putting forth such regulations you are acting in a manner MUCH worse than the previous government.  The people of Ontario knew better than to believe Liberal mistruths but YOU, as Progressive Conservative representatives, running on a campaign of TRUST, with this regulation, have CLEARLY shown you are no better.  You PROMISED  and then….

Remove this regulation. 

Do NOT show the people of Ontario you are no better than your predecessors.

Ruby and Joe Mekker



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