Decoding The United Nations Agenda

CONNECTING THE DOTS, Decoding the United Nations agenda, and the liberal lies, naivety and ineptitude.

What are trudeau and Butts and the United Nations hiding when their messaging is “climate change” is happening, and also demanding that migration is a ‘human right’, and that they have brainwashed prime minster trudeau into signing this pact with the UN.

One fact is depletion of fertility of soil just about everywhere, so much so, that the UN recently reported that in about 60 harvests (years) soil depletion will be at the point where are not enough nutrients in the soil to feed ourselves.  Shortages of food is already happening in various parts of the world and that is now and those shortages are a threat to national security of Canada, and in fact all western countries.

Let’s review a bit of history. First starting 30 years ago the UN under Maurice Strong pushed sustainable development.

Now the UN is pushing migration as a ‘human right’.  Whatever happened to sustainable development?

Clearly,  sustainable development under the guidance of the UN has been a failure, and that is why those people cannot feed themselves, and have not built themselves the technical, social, and economic  infrastructure that we have in the west.  (feed somebody for forever is not a solution.   Show people how to grow food so they can feed themselves is the solution.

Now the UN that is an organization representing the ‘failed nations’, has concocted the solution to migrate to where there is food. So, we taxpayers have to buy food from grocery stores and feed those people who just walk in across the open border, and we also pay for their hotel rooms.    If any of us tried getting stuff for free, that would be theft, yet the trudeau liberals give away our money and food to the rest of the world.   That was never part of trudeau’s campaign in 2015.

What trudeau is doing is helping FREELOADERS and that is NOT SUSTAINABLE.   Those people would be better off staying home and actually learning how to feed themselves, and perhaps they have to stand up and overthrow their oppressive dictatorships that are constantly at war with each other, eg. in the middle east.

This problem has a solution, that is called organic farming and regenerative agriculture, ie. building soil fertility rather than just plowing and growing mono-cultures of crops with artificial chemicals that may have provided short term gain but are showing long term problems.   Thank you for bringing the ‘Organic Bill’ to second reading.

As organic farming started to grow in Canada and the US, the big Agri-Chemical companies were saying that organic farming cannot feed the world.  Fact is that after approximately 40 years of growing food with highly engineered chemicals, GMO’s, glyphosate, neonicotines, the chemical companies have proven themselves wrong, and the UN has reported that current methods of farming cannot feed the growing population on earth, and the UN has in fact set targets for gradual depopulation of the earth.  How that will happen, we don’t know.  However any agreement with the UN on those topics of immigration and depopulation we can expect to be national suicide.  In fact, we are seeing the nasty side effects of those chemicals.

The solution in part means getting rid of the big oligarchies, chemical companies who now control, seed, fertilizer, weed sprays and food processing that have set up a system that has resulted in soil depletion everywhere and malnutrition everywhere.

By observation of current government policy, the liberals have no idea how to fix this problem. Immigration cannot fix this problem, and carbon taxes will not fix this problem either, and free food for everybody is not a fix although the liberal priority has been on another type of fix that creates delusions, ie. legalization of marijuana.

The contemporary media like the paparazzi focuses on belittling those who suggest solutions and mislead and distract voters from the real issue….people are on track to starve in a similar way to the potato famine of Ireland during the little ice age of the medieval times.

The issue is NOT climate change.

The solution is not carbon taxes.

The only real issue is food, industry, and freedom from the bonds of slavery created by big government and big business.

Big business has failed wrt wind turbines.

Big business is failing in the area of farming and food processing.

The trudeau liberal agenda is to feed the rest of the world’s population on the backs of the western countries, and everything trudeau does points in that direction. In addition, the lack of birth control, high birth rate is causing the eastern countries to over populate, while at the same time their ability to grow nutritious food is decreasing (UN Report in 2015).

There are many pieces of the puzzle and everybody who votes needs to understand how each piece fits together, and at the center of this messy puzzle are the billionaires who make billions investing in military hardware companies, big pharma, big food processors, and big Agriculture chemicals.

There is ample data that food nutrition has degraded, Neonicotines are killing bees, thus crops are not pollinating and producing food, Glyphosate sprayed on crops for weed control interferes with uptake of nutrients from the soil and interferes with digestion of food. It is the same big chemical/pharma/food companies that are also manufacturing all of the prescription drugs, vitamins, supplements and probiotics that people buy to make up for what ails them, eg. autism, cancer, diabetes, etc., diseases on the rise everywhere.

All of the above make money for big global corporate executives and those investors. Meanwhile back at the farm, ever increasing size of machines for plowing leaves large swaths of land prone to dry out of the soil, releasing carbon from the soil into the atmosphere.

When the soil is dried and has no carbon or only minimal carbon, the soil has zero fertility and becomes what is called blow sand and ripe for dust storms, same as in the “dirty thirties”, and that is happening in all agricultural areas around the world….at the same time, we have government policies on housing that is to pave farmland with wide highways, malls, and houses.   You cannot grow food on concrete, asphalt, or sand.

This is NOT due to global warming.  This problem is caused by a number of factors, and a big factor is bad farming practices being sold to farmers by the big Ag and chemical companies and of course all chemicals are approved by the government. It is all for short term profit by the elite that has brought the world to the brink of starvation, riots and wars, and migrant caravans in search of food and better living conditions. And, bad urban planning.

Canada’s food banks are running on empty, yet the liberals are bringing in more immigrants in an uncontrolled and illegal manner.

The issue with food production, soil and carbon is discussed in this link,

The solution for us is clear….Take control away from the elite, and definitely DO NOT sign any agreement with the UN. The UN is looking for a free lunch that we pay for, and the elite gets the gravy.

Canada must look after our own people first, and tell the UN that they need to look after their own people too.   There is no free lunch.

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“Knowing is easy; it is the doing that is difficult. The critical issue is not what we know but what we do with what we know. The great end of life is not knowledge, but action.”  Admiral Hyman Rickover


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