How Dare The Government Lawyers and Government Doctors Play God.

I am writing this as a follow-up to my email to various members of the Ontario provincial parliament. 

The author grants permission to post this email for public viewing and sharing.

First, I believe a great many voters believed that the Premier Doug Ford government would scrap the Green Energy Act and cancel the wind turbine contracts due to the enormous subsidies that are bleeding the Ontario economy.   

Not so, The Ford Progressive Conservative government proposes to keep the GEA.,,

Does this have anything to do with lobbyists with conflicts of interest being on the PC executive?

We should not be surprised given the evidence of influence of lobbyists in influencing the previous liberal government in implementing the GEA subsidies/FIT and then continuing to prop up the ERT decisions with their lawyers, and the government hence disregarding demands for a moratorium.

Wrt Municipal Government; say what!   The subsidies are Ok as long as municipalities are part of the planning process.  Like, do farmers get a subsidy because all crops are green and convert carbon dioxide to oxygen and food carbohydrate, and soil regeneration programs on the farm sequester carbon into the ground, and trees, also sequester carbon?  Regenerative Agriculture are a key part of Ag. Canada and OMAFRA.   Do government departments not talk to each other?

I observe that “renewable energy” is something ill defined by the non-farmers, and non-experts that reside in the city that is choking with automobile gridlock and automobile exhaust, and gangsters bullets flying everywhere every day.   Who are they to be telling the rest of the province what is good for us!  A city that declared itself ‘sanctuary’ paying the price, causing the province and the country to pay the price in many ways.

Surely the government realizes the reason why they before Christmas recalled parliament for emergency legislation to ensure the nuclear power workers would stay on the job and not cause the lights to go out only because the approximately 6700 wind turbines installed over the past 10 years are unable to keep the lights on,    

The solution is NOT to build more wind turbines, but to scrap this failed program.   And very importantly to address the issues of those victimized by the low frequency noise.  The government is in violation of the Precautionary Principle, and there are numerous reports about the consequences of wind turbines causing serious health concerns of cardiac arrest and contaminated drinking water.

There is actually a bigger picture, and it seems most of us missed this last act of the Ontario liberals, is to use the pension funds to buy the wind turbine contracts from the developers. While some suggest I say this loosely, a check of the governance of pension plans reveals the very close ties between governments and the various pension plans, ie.  pension fund management comes under the purview of the government, and any ‘investment’ in the taxpayer and ratepayer subsidized renewable energy projects, becomes very dependent on the subsidy and other ‘friendly’ government policies.  

Would the wind turbine contracts be worth anything if the subsidy is removed, and if the sales of wind energy had to compete with natural gas or nuclear.  The answer is obviously NO …. unless you are part of the government brainwash.  No private investor would be purchasing these wind turbine contracts, and that is why the developers sold (short selling) these contracts to the government and pension fund managers who in their salacious relationship can ensure the subsidies can and will continue via the feed in tariffs.  

Over the past 10 years, no new housing developments, no new apartment blocks, no new factories, no new commercial/retail buildings have installed dedicated wind turbines to provide power to them.  All power from wind and solar is subsidized and therefore NOT economically viable as an integral part of any business given the options of nuclear and natural gas.

So, this is really an insider deal to transfer ownership of otherwise worthless wind turbine contracts to the government or government governed agencies in the knowledge that the liberals will no longer be in power and this deal took place literally in the months and weeks prior to Doug Ford forming the new government with a supposed mandate to cancel the Green Energy Act, ie. the basis for the wind turbine contracts.

Who pays and who benefits?

Ratepayers, and taxpayers, working families, farms, business small and large all pay for the subsidy including the wind turbine priority access to market, and also pay for the excess wind energy that is given away at super low prices to the US.

Who benefits is easy to see when you look at who are the employers, and the employees of those many defined pension benefit plans, ie. they all work for the big government, federal, provincial, and municipal. 

In essence, the private sector business and all who do not work for the government are propping up the pensions of government workers by way of this deal.

The managers of these pension funds have decided to put government workers pensions at risk propped up by the lucrative Feed in Tariff contracts.    Does the government have the gonads to pull the plug on the wind turbine contracts.  It appears NOT….no gonads to do the right thing, Queens Park is just blowing in the wind.

Is there a word that captures this deal…it is a pyramid…. That is accepted by some large accountancy firms,    The caveat printed in invisible ink is that the subsidy provides the ‘opportunity for investment…’.

General Motors announcing they are leaving Ontario we observe has not been a sufficient wake up call for even the newly minted PC government.  Other businesses have already left over the past 10 years. You say Ontario is open for business. I call you on that…. Eh, the provincial credit rating is going further lower.

This is deal another example of the government stealing money from the private sector middle class and giving it to themselves, ie. government workers, make them feel good, and hopefully government workers will vote for the government of the day.   What seniors get via CPP and OAS amounts to a mere approximately $1500 a month depending on their years of work.  However, an Public Service or Teacher’s defined benefits pensions pays so much more, those pensions are being paid for by the many more lower wage earners of private sector workers.

This deal is quite the trick on the eve of the Wynne liberal government being turfed, and it appears that this trick has fooled what should be a pro-business, capitalist government that is proposing to continue this liberal scheme of government and renewable energy corporate welfare.

I call this not just the way I see it, but the way it needs to be seen, and we deserve better than be hoodwinked.  

In this ERT decision, there is acknowledgement of harm, but it is deemed not serious.  How dare the government lawyers and government doctors play god.  What is the dividing line between serious harm, and ‘non serious harm’? 

How much time duration of the non serious harm would add up cumulatively, or integrate into serious harm?

The solution is not to attempt any explanation of these questions, but to insist on zero tolerance for any harm, and shut down the wind turbines.

Thank you for reading, allow me to summarize the three main points:

  1. The decision making process of the government is corrupted by the non-independence of government from lobbyists who are normally independent and constitutionally communicate via the opposition parties in the parliament. Lobbyists have access to the very ‘brains’ of the conservative party forming the government by operating within the executive. 

2. The pension funds become funded by two sources of financing; one being the subsidy of the same pensioners in paying for electricity and taxes; and the second source of ‘finance’ is what needs to be called the slave labour of children who mine the essential materials for wind turbine and solar electric components in unethical working conditions, making the entire supply chain of the pension funds unethical, and a pyramid scheme.

3. Thirdly, the argument of non-serious harm being acceptable is simply not justice, rather malpractice of justice, that also ignores the integrated/cumulative harm.  And, we are not just talking about harm to adults, we are talking about harm to children alive and unborn, and harm to pets and livestock, harm to birds and bats.

 Yours truly,    Eric 


Eric Jelinski M. Eng. P. Eng.
11450 Simcoe County Road 10
RR1 Stayner Ontario
416-697-9965 cell

“Knowing is easy; it is the doing that is difficult. The critical issue is not what we know but what we do with what we know. The great end of life is not knowledge, but action.”  Admiral Hyman Rickover


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