An Open Letter To Wind Concerns Ontario

WCO a beginning email 001Dear Wind Concerns Ontario,

I am writing in response to your email this morning, titled ‘The morning after–a beginning.’ (preceded)

I find your expressed/written position offensive, regressive and detrimental to those of us who take this fight seriously and intend to see resolution to the end.

“Our focus now will be on contract cancellation, wind turbine noise regulations, enforcement, returning local land-use planning to municipalities…”


Your area of ‘focus’ is dismal.  Its more dancing around the issue at hand only to permit continued harm and destruction.  This is evidence of being distanced from the harsh reality of what rural Ontarians are exposed too.  If board members of WCO were adversely impacted with Industrial Wind Turbines placed too close to their homes and families, perhaps the focus would be solid in conviction with immediate sights set on results.

I am tired of fluff.  I am tired of beating around the bush.  I am tired of being chased from the (inconvenient) truth.  I am tired.  Literally; because I have Industrial Wind Turbines rammed into my backyard.

I have been observing WCOs position on wind turbines for some time.  It can be confusing and perhaps even have a sense of contradiction at times.  I do not believe the protection of rural Ontarians is at the core of your values.  I have witnessed and been subjected to the bullying and name calling by WCO board members, with no corrective actions put in place and apologies warranted but remain outstanding.

Conviction.  Go after it in its entirety or step aside as to not hinder those of us who are fighting for tangible results.

The reality is, YES you can repeal the GEA.  That is what is guaranteed to the people of Ontario.  That is what the focus of all advocates for wind victims and resident should be; ensuring promises are kept, rural route decimation ceases, with all rights and prosperity restored.  Our new Premier can restore health, economic, environmental and social integrity back into Ontario.

Yes, it is THAT easy.  Repeal the Green Energy Act; reinstate previous legislations to stop further and continued harm to humans and the environment.

“The right way is to legislate: to enact a statute that declares green contracts to be null and void, and the province to be free from liability,” he explains. “Statutes can override iron-clad provisions in a contract because that is the nature of legislative supremacy: Legislatures can pass laws of any kind, as long as they are within their jurisdiction and do not offend the constitution. Legislating on electricity production is clearly a provincial power, as are ‘property and civil rights.’”

If our MPP’s have been listening they will have heard constituents loud and clear.  Residents are being harmed by emissions and pollution such as, LF, IFS, vibrations, properties are riddled with stray voltage, loss of farming and livestock, potable water safety ignored and denied, properties de-valued, loss of enjoyment of home and properties, family units have collapsed and communities remain divided.

It has become disturbingly apparent that WCO has not been listening.  

Enforcement of derisory regulations does not address the harm from infrasound, low frequencies, high frequencies, stray voltage, destruction of prime agriculture lands, loss of livestock, gagged lease holders, property value instability, water well destruction, shadow flicker, suppression, raptor-bird-bat species being slaughtered daily, wildlife displaced, the lies, oh my gosh the lies.  Nor does it address the bullying strategies used against community members.  If nothing else, these heavily subsidized Industrial Wind Turbines are an environmental devastation from cradle to grave. 

All projects must be STOPPED.

IF we have to satisfy a stray regulation of some unknown, we must STOP ALL TURBINES until the health studies are independently (re)assessed without interference.  We do not need more studies, we do not need less.  We need the existing research, peer-reviewed and relevant studies that have proven the adverse effects decades, to include human and environmental harm, to be accredited and free from manipulation, with financial and political gain abolished.  The evidence of harm world wide is completely understood and verified. It does not need to be “born again.”

We know IWT’s will not be permitted to start back up after the unprejudiced assessments; and then a recovery of landscapes, human and environmental health, economic and social resolutions can commence.

The historic election of our new Premier, Doug Ford, and his capable team shows that the public is ready to embrace serious change, serious corrections. This will entail a deconstruction of the disastrous policies and sole source contracts that have captured so many people’s lives to date in Ontario. I am deeply worried that Wind Concerns may fail to adequately express what we all know must happen now.

WCO should support and promote the end of operation for all Industrial Wind Turbines.  Instead, my reading of the email shows an appearance of proposing actions to the newly elected provincial government regarding the possible continued operation of IWT’s.

Many groups and individuals have requested a stronger position from WCO over the years.  Despite these requests, WCO has not advanced beyond its original argument of proper “siting’.  There is NO proper ‘siting’ for fraud.  The need to end the Green Energy Act and its subsequent corrosive and corrupt activities has been made abundantly and repeatedly clear by the Ontario residents, media, authors, researchers, scientists and energy experts.

How much more erroneous and irresponsible can this get?  It is impossible to say you are the voice of Ontario if you are not adequately expressing what this wind activity truly is: a scam.

The continued operation of any wind projects in Ontario must be met with fierce opposition and this is how we WILL regain our rights and stop the continued harm and destruction.

STOP THE WIND TURBINES – Why would WCO stand for anything else?

On a personal note:

I’m tired, you’re tired … we are all tired and long for the once taken for granted luxury of health and peace to be restored.  I think of many people often, like Norma who’s been out of her home for almost 10 years? Or more? Barb A and the others whom were negotiated (no doubt in my mind, military style) out of their family homes.  Family homes stolen.  Families divided.  Instead of fixing the problem, families continue to abandoned their homes: permanently and intermittently. 

I still can not reconcile the damage that has been done which is why effective June 7th with new opportunities for restorative actions, any soft approach is offensive. 

The corruption has continued, unchecked. If we don’t advocate for what we need  (cease all turbines) we will never get it and we can’t complain when it doesn’t happen.  We can not take part in more procedures and regulations.  We must end the scam.  The corruption.  The collusion.  I am not willing to be victim any longer.

I’m fed up with complacent tones and playing out the system.  Its been exhausted.  I’ve played by THEIR rules.  We have all played their games by their rules.  We must ask ourselves:  How has that worked to date? 

The harm and destruction continues.

With our monotone approach to corruption, collusion and the renewable scam I believe we have hindered potential progress on an individual level and provincial level.  If it hasn’t worked to date, why are we continuing down the same path?  A new government is here, one that we voted in hopes of change, real change.  IMO we have a short period of time to get in and get’er done. 

Industrial Wind Turbines and their components cause serious and sometimes irreparable harm.  Human. Environment. Economic. Social.  

I can not find one solid reason to permit continued operations knowing the only benefits to be reaped are financial, for a select few, and the residual by-product is a weakened sub-population of innocent residents with stolen rights whom remain without protection.

Now Is The Time


6 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Wind Concerns Ontario

  1. Thanks for this open letter. People who are being harmed and who are refusing to be forced out of their homes need this newly elected government to take action to protect them now. Turning the turbines off is the only ethical solution.

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  2. This letter was brilliant! I agree wholeheartedly with every word you said. Many of us have wondered about the WCO agenda, for years! You have put everyone’s concerns into words! Thank you very much!!

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  3. Entirely valid comment. Thanks for the prompt response.

    We were in the process of writing to Doug Ford re his statement at a local rally that wind turbines are a scam and fraud; lets all remind him promptly and emphatically. We will link to this.

    Health of humans and survival of wildlife require immediate legislation to halt operation and construction of a known liability for the Province and citizens. The PCs should already have this DRAFTED!

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